About eChristo Designs

Affordable Web Designs Services and More!

Hello, my name is Eric Christopherson and welcome to eChristo Designs, my online design portfolio ! I like to wear many hats, partly because I am bald and partly because I don't want to limit my creativeness. Therefore, I am continually exploring and challenging myself with new design tools and principals to help meet all my clients needs. A high level look at my service offerings include Web Design and Development, Graphic Design, and Traditional Art.

I graduated from Texas Tech University in May of 2000, with a degree in Art Design and since then I have held full-time jobs in the corporate world ranging from Webmaster to Web designer to Front-End Developer for Fortune 500 companies. I have been married for just as long and have two beautiful daughters.

Designing and creating is a full-time passion and I very much enjoy helping small business owners transform their ideas into a unique and successful brand for their business.

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